Managed Services

A disaster-tolerant architecture for one of the financial services evaded penalties and reporting. The Resiliency design model had averted downtime costs. The failure lasted only for a few seconds and was invisible for users due to the well-designed business continuity environment.
Castling Group increased performance by 45%, lowered licensing costs by 20%, and gained 20x better reliability by modernizing its entire mission-critical application environment with our revolutionary infra design.
A security innovation and transformation panel was proposed and accepted by one of our financial service client that helped businesses stability.
A hybrid IT approach helped to plan for the unexpected avalanche of requests by providing mission-critical capabilities that empowered to reduce risk and ensured infrastructure availability for one of our healthcare client.
The greatest barrier to cloud migrations is security and compliance in the hybrid cloud space. We worked with organizations with practical considerations and ensured seamless migrations resulting in a secured and compliant hybrid cloud.