Implementation / Data Migration

Costpoint Implementation Data Migration


  • New Costpoint implementation
  • Cloud migration
  • Data conversions
  • Database Consolidation
  • Company Split, Restructures & Merge


  • Data migration from legacy systems such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, QuickBooks, excel spreadsheets, & MS Access databases.
  • Expertise in supporting large Costpoint database environments (> 500GB) in Oracle & SQL Server. We take on complete ownership of data migration strategy
  • Determine the data to be converted in partnership with functional consultants We provide comprehensive information on the approach, number of conversions, Project plan for the technical components & timing of conversion.
  • We provide complete data migration which includes extracting the data from legacy system, data transformation & loadingdata to the destination systems.
  • Platform conversion which include MSSQL to Oracle conversions and vice versa.
  • Expert at merging Costpoint databased or integrating new companies into Costpoint database Restructure of accounts, org’s, project, employees, etc.