Cost Point


Data Migrations :
A Large IT Company wanted to move to Cloud environment. As Cloud environment is a cost-based model based on data traffic, the client wanted to migrate only a few sections of data from the application.
Outcome :
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Custom ERP Extensions :
A Public University wanted changes to key processes like Manage account, Manage employees, Manage vendors, Manage JE’s & Manage PO’s.
Outcome :
Used extensibility to modify the user defined field to accommodate additional text in the account user defined information screen.
Additionally stored procedures were incorporated in extensibility designer and were run when executing the Costpoint application. Java classes and stored procedures were written to achieve such functionality.
Web Services Integration :
A Large Federal IT Company wanted new web services to be created to integrate with 3rd party applications for creating parts, Manage PO, Manage Parts, Manage Bill of Materials, etc.
Solution :
Created new web services & also used ‘Inbuilt Web Services’ features to help clients integrate 3rd party applications to Costpoint.
Pre Processors Integration:
A large Engineering & Aerospace Company had a legacy application which creates flat files for vouchers & Billings. Format generated by customer script was not readable by a Costpoint preprocessor.
Solution :
Created an application in Java which converts the flat file generated by a Legacy application into the format which is expected by the Costpoint pre-processor.
Cognos / BIRT Reporting :
A large ship building company wanted to customize a report like PO, Check generation, Print Purchase Order, Change Print Purchase order etc. The customer wanted few additional columns as well as changes in report style.
Solution :
By using Cognos, BIRT and building custom extension screens new Extensibility feature in Costpoint 7, we implemented this project.